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Your intellectual property is all that stands between you and the competition. Effective IP defense is a coordinated effort across multiple platforms and agencies. Ranging from known pirate coves such as Alibaba & Ebay all the way to overseas factories and U.S. customs enforcement. We have the knowledge and experience to offer immediate solutions to your international piracy woes.

  • Get counterfeited goods removed from Google, eBay, Alibaba or another website
  • Stop a competitor from using your trademark, patent or other IP
  • Stop a foreign manufacturer from counterfeiting your goods
  • Work with US Customs prevent counterfeit goods from entering the USA
  • Defend against future infringement


We handle IP issues exclusively, utilizing both proactive and reactive measures to maximize the value of your intellectual property. Wether it's counterfeit products being sold online or in the brick and mortar store down the street, we can help. Confusing similar trademarks, trade dress, and service marks can mean the difference between a high quality company and one consumers don't trust.


  • Take down notices
  • Infringement Protection on sites such as Alibaba, eBay, Cafe Press and others.
  • Proactive registrations both domestically and internationally
  • Online monitoring for potential future infringement activity
  • Big picture strategy and consultation


Do you know what rights you have? Do you know if a competitor is infringing? Could you potentially be infringing on another? IP Law is a complex series of layers across multiple jurisdictions. Learn where your IP fits in and start enforcing it.


"Chinese counterfeiters were running me out business using my own designs. Now I can fight back."

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